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Seneste nyheder fra koncernen

Vores virksomhed er i hurtig udvikling, og vi arbejder konstant på at forbedre vores service over for interne såvel som eksterne kunder. Vi offentliggør løbende nyheder, som vi mener vigtige og relevante for vores kunder såvel som vores medarbejdere.

Beam Suntory: merging and decentralising closer to buyer behaviour


“I’ve never known acquisitions where the two cultures match so well — our companies belong together.” Says Manfred Jus, Managing Director Western Europe at Beam Suntory, which formed in 2014 following the acquisition of American spirits maker Beam...

Emerging middle class fuelling KMC’s international growth


Established in 1933, KMC is a Danish farming cooperative owned by three independent potato starch factories based in Toftlund, Brande and Karup. The business has enjoyed remarkable growth during the last seven years thanks to its innovative food s...

Raunsborg to export old Viking knowledge to China


When founders are said to represent the ethos of their brands, over time, it can sometimes appear nothing more than an empty marketing message — an attempt to assimilate consumers into a mythology, associating brands with perceived personas that d...