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Global Presence

Where we operate

Nigel Wright operates across five global territories: Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, The Americas, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific. In each region we work with multinational as well as domestic companies, supporting them with international, regional and national recruitment assignments. Currently, we have eleven offices from which to support our growing client base. Our current locations are: Newcastle, London, Copenhagen, Århus, Düsseldorf, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Amsterdam, Malmö, Gothenburg, Malmo and Stockholm.

Asia Pacific

Over the past 50 years, the Asia Pacific region has developed some of the world’s most successful economic and financial centres. These centres have attracted the biggest names in global banking and professional services. The presence and success of the professional services sector has encouraged and helped to fund a growing consumer products and services sector. In turn, consumer demand has seen the emergence of new clean manufacturing industries that now complement the banking and professional services sector. The production networks that have developed as a result of this growth extend throughout the Asia Pacific region and link together suppliers in diverse economies to form an intricate and inter-dependent matrix. Global as well as regional demand for consumer products and services in the Asia Pacific region is fuelling growth at a rapid pace. Key skill sets are in demand as companies compete for business. Nigel Wright successfully combines industry expertise and intimate knowledge of the Asia Pacific region to provide our clients with local and international talent that meets their staffing needs.


Europe is a vibrant economy with a mix of large and small nations competing in an open and free market. As barriers to cross border trade have eroded, the opportunities for ambitious businesses to gain market share in new and emerging territories are widespread. In the consumer products and services sector there has been a steady growth in demand for key skills. Traditionally these have been in the areas of international sales and marketing, but more recently we have seen demand for supply chain and operational expertise come to the fore, driven by continued pressure to manage costs more efficiently. In addition to these traditional skills sets, we are seeing more consistency in the demand for e-commerce experts, a trend likely to continue as retailers adjust to meet changing consumer habits. Nigel Wright has been serving markets in Europe for over 20 years and it is our ability to conduct business in all major European languages combined with our in-depth sector expertise that ensures world class results for our clients time after time.

Middle East and Africa

The Middle East and African region is one of the most economically diverse markets in which we operate. With rapid modernisation taking place in key economic regions and a burgeoning population, there is huge opportunity for companies to succeed. Improving transport and communications links and investment in the economic leverage of abundant natural resources is fuelling a growing consumer middle class who are demanding the best goods and services available. Individual mobility means that not only do we need to understand the local talent markets, but national and international coverage is critical if any recruitment services supplier is going to meet the exacting demands of the region's customer base. Strong relationships are required to overcome the challenges in this socially and economically volatile region. At Nigel Wright our experienced consultants bring both language capability, cultural and above all market knowledge to the search process. This combination enables us to provide game changing results for our clients. We continue to expand our operations in the Middle East and Africa and our track record of placing candidates in key roles within multinational and local companies throughout the region is testament to our high levels of service and in-depth knowledge of the market.

Central Eastern Europe and Russia

The economies of Central Eastern Europe and Russia are growing rapidly as consumer wealth and mobility increases. The result is an increasingly complex recruitment landscape requiring a sympathetic yet rigorous approach. The rise of consumerism is largely unstoppable and infrastructures are being built around successful brands meeting consumer demands. Our business in the region began with us supporting some of the world’s biggest consumer companies as they expanded their operations in Central Eastern Europe and Russia. Now we are servicing a range of sector, helping companies sell products and services beyond regional and national boundaries. Our network of offices is well placed to support clients throughout Central Eastern Europe and Russia and our consultants are able to source talent from anywhere in the world, to meet the exacting standards needed to succeed in this fast moving economic region.

The Americas

To effectively serve our clients' operations in the Americas, we focus on the major regional and economic hubs. This enables us to support key areas of growth in North America and in the principal regions of Central and South America. North America is one of the world’s strongest exporters of goods and services. We have worked alongside national businesses as well as non-US backed investment projects, to help facilitate growth in line with the ongoing recovery of the domestic economy. We have built extensive networks in South America to support our clients' development. For many years, we have been involved in locating and relocating talent in the Americas and we see a constant ‘two way’ flow of top executives between the North and South, as well as between the Americas and the rest of the developed world. Never before has the market for talent been so global.